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Woodcast is a completely non-toxic, mouldable and remouldable material ideal for casting and occupational therapy. It is manufactured from clean wood and biodegradable plastic and can be moulded without water or gloves.

The Heat. Cast. Heal. principle makes casting easy and quick. After heating Woodcast, it can be easily moulded to any anatomical shape. The material is self-adhesive, can be cut and layered for limitless possibilities. It holds its shape very quickly when cooling down.

We offer Woodcast in vented/non-vented, rigid/soft material in a range of thicknesses.

Additionally, we offer accessories and heating devices.

We recommend using the following formats:

The 1mm ribbon solution is perfect for finger splints as it is easy to mould to any anatomical shape.
Our 2mm rigid material is light, versatile but sufficiently strong and sturdy for all types of orthoses.
The 2mm soft material is the most flexible in our range, it is ideal for orthoses needing lighter support.
Our 4mm rigid material is the strongest Woodcast alternative, yet easy to mould. It can be used for all indications in both upper and lower limb where strong and steady support is required or to further strengthen thinner orthosis.

For most of our products we offer vented options with ventilation slits for improved breathability.

All products come in a natural colour with red, blue and black available in some ranges.

Woodcast material

Heating devices


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