Ideal for casting and splinting

Woodcast is revolutionising orthosis providing technicians limitless possibilities for casting and splinting.

The Heat. Cast. Heal. principle makes casting easy and quick. After heating Woodcast, it can be easily moulded to any anatomical shape. The material is self-adhesive, can be cut and layered providing limitless possibilities. It holds its shape very quickly when cooling down.

Woodcast is completely non-toxic and can therefore be used with your bare hands and without masks, ventilation hoods or water baths. Spend less time cleaning and more time with your patients.

The light, thin, and breathable material provides great comfort for patients and doesn’t need to be removed for X-rays. The patient and environment say thank you.

Technology with unrivaled benefits:

Mouldable & remouldable
No water or gloves needed
X-ray transparent
Environmentally friendly


Occupational Therapy

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