Environmentally friendly

We take care of people’s health and the environment at the same time. Naturally, our Woodcast product is completely non-toxic and biodegradable. But we’ve taken things a step further: we’ve made all of our supporting materials and even our backroom activities as environmentally friendly as possible.

Choosing environmentally friendly materials In our product packaging, we use highly recycled cardboard which also has the FSC® certificate. For our marketing materials, we have chosen chlorine-free paper which has the FSC certificate, the Nordic Ecolabel and a very small CO2 footprint. And we won’t settle for less even in our exhibitions and trade shows: our modular and re-usable stand is completely made of Re-Board®, a recyclable, thick paperboard with a small CO2 footprint and, of course, the FSC certificate. In all of our materials, we prefer to avoid anything that involves using harmful chemicals or environmentally unfriendly substances. Every choice counts When it comes to caring for the environment, we believe that every choice counts. We choose the more ecological option whenever possible. We also prefer to work with companies that share our passion for overall wellbeing. So, we avoid excessive travel and favour telecommuting. We try to minimise waste in all of our functions – and we sort whatever waste we do produce. In our office, we use automatic lighting to save energy and opt for power-saving electronic appliances. We avoid unnecessary printing and copying and make sure that our staff know how their everyday choices can make a difference – and offer them training and information




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