Standards and accreditations

Woodcast is made of pure wood chips and biodegreable plastic. The wood used in our Woodcast products is Aspen and it is harvested from FSC® certified forests. Only non-toxic plastic components are used in the manufacture of Woodcast.


Woodcast’s plastic components are listed in the European Directive 2002/72/EC for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

The safety of all Woodcast products has been tested in accordance with ISO 10993, the standard criterion for evaluating the biocompatibility of medical devices. In the biocombatibility tests performed, the Woodcast samples showed no biological response and were classified in the lowest response category.

FSC certified

Onbone was issued the FSC certificate on 5 January, 2016. The certificate covers both Woodcast Vented and Woodcast Non-vented products. FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Environmentally Appropriate

Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest’s biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.

Socially Beneficial

Socially beneficial forest management helps both local people and society at large to enjoy long term benefits and also provides strong incentives to local people to sustain the forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.

Economically Viable

Economically viable forest management means that forest operations are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or affected communities. The tension between the need to generate adequate financial returns and the principles of responsible forest operations can be reduced through efforts to market the full range of forest products and services for their best value.




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